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Site Questions

What is Handle?

Handle is about you having a better way to establish your online presence.  Think of a business card, but for your online identity. It acts as a hub for people to go and see the ways they can interact with you.  Additionally, it organizes your individual links providing more readability and simplicity when sharing your contact information for your users.   Our goal is to make the answer to the question “How do I interact with you online?” a very simple one.

Why is this relevant?

With each day that passes, there are more and more ways to connect and interact with people online.  However, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to share with someone all of the ways they can interact with you.  Many times, the usernames or handles we get on one site may not be identical to the one we get on another, making it more difficult for a person that follows you on one social platform to easily follow you on another. 

Can everybody see my profile?

Your profile is visible to anyone that has the link.  The social handles and information you choose to display on your profile is what everyone else sees.

How can I get a verified checkmark next to my name?

Currently we are only evaluating profiles for verification via proxy. If you are currently verified in any of the following social networks then you are eligible:

• Facebook Pages
• Instagram
• Twitch
• Twitter
• Youtube

Once logged in, click “Verification” in your user toolbar and follow the steps in order to submit your profile for verification.

Is Handle.is and Handlesite.com the same thing?

Yes.  Handle.is is the shorthand version for handlesite.com.  If your username is brownbeard, you can share your Handle link with handle.is/brownbeard or handlesite.com/brownbeard and they will end up at the same profile.

Help! I've enabled 2FA and I am having issues logging in. What do I do?

If you are having issues with 2FA login, send an e-mail to [email protected] using the e-mail address you registered with asking us to disable 2FA.

If you have forgotten your password, please clcik the “Lost Password” button in the login form or go to handlesite.com/lostpassword for further assistance.

We hope this solves your issue.